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Mama Faves makes parenthood a little more fun by empowering mamas with a curated list of loved and trendy items and lifestyle content.

About Mama Faves


Mama Faves creates a space where mamas & mamas-to-be can find product inspiration, share their must-have items, and save favorite items for pregnancy, the newborn stage, and beyond—all in one place. Mama Faves makes parenthood less overwhelming (and a little more fun!) by empowering parents with a curated list of items that are popular, loved, and trendy, along with some interesting finds mixed in along the way!

By embracing a sense of community and allowing users (real parents!) to share, Mama Faves aims to help mamas decide which items are necessary, just for fun, and splurge-worthy, in an easily accessible faves list. Mama Faves allows users the option to simply browse products, share products, save products, and leave reviews of products.

Parenthood is an incredibly rewarding journey that must be navigated one day at a time. Let’s share our favorite items and inspire one another to be the best mamas we can be!

About Amy

Before giving birth to my son, Landon, in August of 2016, I spent hours upon hours researching the best pregnancy, baby, and toddler products. I poured through numerous websites and consulted my circle of mama friends and family members. I had so many lists, notes, and saved articles that were complicating an already overwhelming process!

Despite the feeling of overwhelm, I enjoyed learning about tried-and-true products that other mamas swore by, and had fun finding new and trendy products. Reading other parents’ reviews/feedback and hearing from my network of mamas was invaluable. With all the time I spent researching as well as the inspiration I gathered, I wanted to share and give back to the mama community. Thus, the Mama Faves idea was born!

Between juggling being a new mama, finishing up a PhD in health psychology, transitioning to a career as a digital strategist, and life, in general, this idea was tossed to the backburner, but never went away. With a strong desire to help mamas of little ones and mamas-to-be, as well as a supportive husband who helped nurture the idea (and also happens to be a web developer!), Mama Faves was created.

Mama Faves is a dedicated space that allows mamas and mamas-to-be to gather inspiration from a curated list of products that are popular, loved, and trendy, alongside reviews from real mamas. Mamas can get inspired, give inspiration by sharing products with the community, and save favorite items—all in one place.

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