How are products chosen for the curated list on the Mama Faves website?

All products on the Mama Faves website are submitted by our community of mamas and undergo a Submission Approval Process (see below). Any sponsored product will be denoted as such.

How do I submit a product?

Submitting a product is easy! Just go here.

What information do I need to submit a product?

To submit a product, all you need to provide is:

  • The name of the product.

  • A link to the product.

  • A category for the product via our dropdown menu.

  • (Optional) A description of the product—either from the product’s website or your own.

What is the Submission Approval Process for products?

Each product submission is verified to check the accuracy of the product—in terms of description, places to purchase, & image used.

Submission approval time typically takes 1-2 days, but is dependent upon the number of submissions received at the time.

Email notifications are sent for each submission approved.

Why is there a Submission Approval Process for products?

There is a Submission Approval Process to ensure we provide the most honest & valuable product information with our community.

Why do I need to sign up for an account on Mama Faves?

Any person is welcome to browse our curated list of products, read reviews, or read our lifestyle blog. However, a user must sign up for an account to submit a product, provide a review, or save favorite items.

It’s easy to sign up for an account! Just go here.

What is my email address used for?

During registration a user is required to give a name and email address. This information is used to contact you about privacy policy changes and user account emails (e.g., forgot password, submission approval, etc.).

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